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Easily plan a trip that is unique to you

EITHER: Simply tell us the where and who. Within seconds you have a customized itinerary to suit you.

OR: Build your own trip itinerary from scratch. Draw from our recommendations or enter your own items.

Organize trip details in one master itinerary

With accommodation, transport and directions, tours and attraction details all in one place, it’s easy to keep track of where to be when.



Book your trip itinerary in one place

Book your entire itinerary with AwayPlan. Your booking confirmations are automatically recorded in your itinerary, effortlessly available in one spot.

Go mobile, even offline

View and edit your trip on the go with our mobile app for Android and iOS. Trip details sync automatically and are always up to date. Plus, your saved itinerary is always available, even without an internet connection.



Keep friends & family in the loop

Invite others to plan a trip together or simply share your trip details with people you care about.


Add items easily

Already made a booking? Forward your confirmation email to AwayPlan for instant addition to your trip planner.


Save your memories

Upload photos and share your experiences on AwayPlan. Relive your travels through your travel journal.


In-depth expert and traveller reviews

Our recommendations are based on a combination of expert and traveller reviews. So you will never be tourist trapped.