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Travel journal app features


Record your travels in thoughts and photos

Turn your mobile into the ultimate travel journal, by creating a photo rich travelogue of your experiences. Capture every moment as it happens to create a compelling story.

Save every memory quickly and easily

Pin the places you visited, comment on attractions and tours, record thoughts and impressions, and write down stories that made your trip special.

Add trip pictures on the go

Snap a photo or record a video while travelling, then add it to a travel journal app entry in seconds. Every entry can be easily linked to a location.

Track your route - online or offline

Trace your travels with your phone’s GPS to pinpoint your location. Or enter place names or addresses by hand.

List and map view

Plot your journey with markers on an interactive map or see it at a glance as a chronological list, complete with photos and notes.

Go mobile (even offline)

Update your travel journal anywhere, even without internet. All travel journal app entries created offline are saved and sync automatically once Wi-Fi is available.



Share your experiences as you travel

Choose who you want to share your latest activities with. You’re in complete control of every post.

~ Tell the world to have your reviews posted in our travel guide and inspire others with your adventures

~ Share updates as they unfold on Facebook or invite select friends and family via email to read your travel journal online

~ Keep a post private, for your personal memories

A home for your trips

AwayPlan’s travel journal app has no limits. You can record as many trips as you like. All for free.

Full access pass from anywhere

All your memories are stored securely in the cloud. So you can browse moments from your past or edit entries at any time, either in our travel journal app or via our website.



Simplify trip planning

Your travel journal app includes an organiser to help you plan and book your trip. Learn more about our free trip planner.


Insider tips for your trips

Find inspiration from other travellers who have share their experiences. Read our travel guides at home or on the move.


Going somewhere new?

AwayPlan can let you know if a friend has been there before. See the route they followed, read their comments and see their photos.


Showcase your trip to non-internet users

Share your trip as beautifully printed book. A one of a kind travel journal made by you for you to preserve your memories.