Why join the Spreepark Tour

Explore the former GDR amusement park without worrying about the guards on the official Spreepark guided tour. A jungle of broken thrill rides overgrown with bushes, Spreepark has some amazing photo opportunities; rusted roller coasters, looming ferris wheels, abandoned fun cars, dry water slides, washed up pirate ships and remains of life-sized dinosaurs. Winding through the dreamlike haunts, you will learn the seedy history of Spreepark’s fall from glory. A dramatic true story involving politics, bankruptcy, drug smuggling and imprisonment, proving even fun has a shelf life.

You can now go on tours around the park viewing all the abandoned rides and stalls. It's hard to explain the feeling, but seeing completly man-made objects, things that bought amusement and excitement to families being completely eaten up by nature. Very calm and atmospheric. Amazing photo opportunities. I enjoyed my time walking round Spreepark and would recommend it to anyone into the more quirkier, atmospheric, off the beaten track kind of places.

Kayleigh T, 06 Sep 2012, Norway

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Spreepark Tour highlights

The Spreepark tour, with it’s fantastic storytelling, allows you to experience the thrills of the old fairground. Unfortunately, we can not let you go on the rides ;)

  • Visit over 30 abandoned attractions, including cat roller coaster and ferris wheel
  • True story of Spreepark’s downfall
  • Official photo permit

Tour Duration

2 hours

Starting point

Cafe Myth in Spreepark