Why join the Alternative Berlin Free Walking Tour

Suited for those looking to go beyond the token attractions, the Alternative Berlin Free Walking Tour takes you on a walk through Berlin’s counter culture. Visit street art, squat houses, flea markets and multicultural neighbourhoods as your guide tells tales of subcultural history. A great way to discover unusual places and experience the city like a local.

I went on a tour on Thursday, 8 November and totally loved it. Bart took us to various interesting locations and provided us with a lot of information. Really nice guy with a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend the tour to anyone who wants to stray off the beaten track and get better acquainted with Berlin's street culture.

Nikolaos T, 14 Nov 2012, 22, Sweden

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Alternative Berlin Free Walking Tour highlights

Visit some of Berlin’s lesser known sites full of the famous Berlin counter culture and mix with the locals. The exact tour route depends on the day and the weather, however you may visit:




Berlin Wall East Side Gallery

Tour Duration

3 hours

Things to bring

AB transport ticket

Starting point

TV Tower Starbucks