Things to do in Berlin


Teufelsberg Field Station

Perched atop the man-made mountain of debris above Grünewald Forest lies an abandoned cold war relic. Teufelsberg sports a heavily vandalized NSA listening station featuring 5 explorable radomes. A perfect location for the urban adventurer.


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

On the outskirts of Berlin lies Sachsenhausen, which served as both a Nazi concentration camp and a Soviet gulag. Its dark history under both totalitarian regimes and stories of its victims are artfully explained by various memorials and museums.


The Holocaust Memorial

Amid bustling Berlin, an undulating labyrinth of featureless concrete blocks, all unique in size, lies in stillness. Walk the uneven pathways for a sense of the insecurity and loss felt by the Jews during the Holocaust.


Tiergarten Park

As Berlin’s central park, Tiergarten is popular with both locals and visitors alike. Ideal for a stroll or cycling, the park is filled with pathways meandering around green lawns, lakes, forested areas and landscaped gardens. A beautiful chill-out spot in every season.


Hohenschönhausen Prison

Take a step beyond Nazi concentration camps to life as a political prisoner after the end of the war in the GDR. Hear first hand stories of physical and psychological torture as a former inmate guides you through the cells and interrogation rooms of this former Stasi prison.


Brandenburg Gate

The site of many historical events, the Brandenburg Gate stood in the former no man’s land between East and West Germany. Once a monument to peace, history has deemed it as a symbol of power, division and finally reunification.


Berlin TV Tower

Seen from almost anywhere in the city, this iconic tower dominates the Berlin skyline. The soaring sphere offers 360 degree views where you can compare the architectural differences of former East and West Berlin.


Reichstag Building

The house of the German parliament has had a turbulent history. Almost destroyed during WWII it has been recently reborn. Featuring a large glass dome with impressive views of the surrounding cityscape, it is a harmonious blend of new on old.


Checkpoint Charlie

At most well known border crossing between East Berlin and West Berlin now stand a replica guard booth manned by actors. Worth a visit if you wish to cross off all token Berlin attractions or are seeking a quick photograph.


Spreepark Berlin

One of Berlin’s best hidden haunts, this abandoned amusement park lies in the lush greenery of Treptower Park. The remnants of this faded GDR fairground tell an often unheard story of socialist fun. At Spreepark, an almost surreal urban adventure awaits.


Topography of Terror

In the shadow of the Berlin Wall lies a free combination indoor museum and open-air exhibition. Once the grounds of the SS and Gestapo HQ, the Topography of Terror offers a unique insights into motivations and tactics of the perpetrators of the Nazi regime.


Berlin Wall East Side Gallery

The largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery is a place where history meets art. Covered with over 100 interesting murals, political slogans and iconic masterpieces, it is an visual expression of Germany’s divided past.


Beelitz Hospital and Sanatorium

The splendor of bygone days is captured at this 19th century abandoned hospital complex. Full of dark hallways, medical chambers and forest rooftops, Beelitz Heilstätten’s history lives up to its creepy visage. An urban explorer's paradise.



Mauerpark, German for wall park, is typical of Berlin; featuring neither a wall, nor a groomed park. But on Sundays this former death strip section transforms into a lively hub, featuring one of the best flea markets in Berlin, free open air karaoke and some tasty eats.

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